The realization

After completion of the final design, the budget and planning are made for the realization. Knops Tuindesign is happy to take on your outdoor space from design to realization. In this way, a design can be optimally continued and you have a single point of contact from start to finish.
The realization

Specified offer realization

Before the start of the realization process, we ensure that the expected costs are described in detail in a quotation. Because realization is tailor-made and there are many options in every element of a garden, making a quotation is a process that we carefully enter into together with you. The quotation is clearly structured in groups, for example earthworks, paving work, etc. This gives you a clear overview of the costs per part.
use of materials

What determines the price for realization

The price for realizing a garden depends on many variables. You can choose from many types of plants, paving, water elements, etc. and everything has a specific price. For example, a concrete tile is a lot cheaper and easier to process than a ceramic or hard stone tile. This makes it impossible for us to be able to indicate exactly in advance what the construction of your garden will cost.

In our designs, we take your budget for implementation into account as much as possible, if that has already been determined. But sometimes it is necessary to adjust material from the design based on the costs. It is precisely our strength to retain the design and to use the possibilities in budgets effectively. For this we often make a total overview of materials to provide insight into the possibilities. In this way we can optimally guarantee the price-quality ratio together.